Best Steps to Take to Vacate Squirrels from Your Long Beach Attic NOW!

There are different types of squirrels found in North America but the most common Long Beach squirrel that you will encounter in your attic would be the tree squirrel. They are considered nuisance since they can cause damages such as destroyed insulation materials and chewed wooden beams. They can also encourage the transmission of zoonotic diseases. The squirrels can be identified through the noises that they will make that you will usually hear during the day.

How to Control the Infestation of Squirrel in Your Attic

Once you hear the scampering and scratching noise in your California attic, it is time for you to act. Sharing your property with these critters can be frustrating especially once they started causing damages. The quality of your air indoors will also suffer because they will urinate and defecate all over your property. Luckily, there are simple ways to get rid of them.

Look for the Squirrels Entry Holes

The California squirrels will look adorable when they are in their natural environment. However, when they invaded our house, the damages that they will cause will not be adorable. The squirrels can damage the places that are impossible for humans to reach. This will translate to a long and expensive repair. In order to keep them out of your attic, you will have to look for the holes that they are using to enter your house.

Due to the size of the Long Beach squirrels, they can take advantage of the small holes and enter our attic. Check if your windows or doors are fitted perfectly. For the chimney tops, you may seal it with the chimney cap. If the squirrel is using our vent, you can cover it with a wire mesh. For the holes in your wall, you may seal it with caulk or any suitable materials. 

Encourage the Squirrel to Vacate Your Attic

Simple things can encourage the squirrel to leave your property. For instance, if they are not yet settled in your attic, creating loud noises such as clapping, shouting and stomping your feet will scare them. However, if they already have a nest filled with baby squirrel, this may not be the solution that you are hoping for. You may still use eviction fluid as a repellent. This type of repellent will only work on a nursing squirrel. 

Using Trapping Device

If your goal is to simply get rid of the California squirrel, you can use a live trapping device. Place the trap close to the path or den of the squirrel. You may also use bait that is coated with peanut butter that will seem irresistible to them. If you are not capturing any squirrel, change the placement of the trap. You will have to check the trap every 24 hours if you don't want the animal to die from dehydration. When releasing the animal, be sure to follow the local protocol to avoid any repercussions.

Perhaps the most ideal way to deal with a Long Beach squirrel infestation in your attic is to hire the professional. They will not only eliminate the squirrel in your attic but they will also guarantee that the future infestation will be prevented.

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