Long Beach Raccoon Removal and How Much it Can Cost You! Prevent Them ASAP!

Raccoons are urban mammals that are mostly active at night. You can identify them through their black mask and their stocky body frame. During the cold weather, the raccoons will look for a warm and comfortable place to pass the winter. The mother raccoons also prefer an enclosed area to raise their young. The most ideal place would be inside our home. Once they made it inside your house, it is advised to call the help of the professionals. Raccoons are potential carrier of dangerous diseases that requires a sophisticated removal process.

How Much Does Raccoon Removal Cost

Due to the cost that it entails, most California homeowners will hesitate to inquire about the service of the wildlife removal experts. If you simply want to patch the holes and remove the raccoons, the average cost will be about $350-$500. The cost can increase once you have incurred a considerable damage.

Labor Cost

The common method used by the Long Beach professional wildlife removal company would be trapping, exclusion, and removal. They will be relocating the raccoon according to the local laws. If possible, it should be at least 10 miles away from the place they were captured. If you are housing a sick raccoon, the creature will be euthanized. 

The removal process will start by inspecting your property. Usually, they will offer this free from any charge. They will do this to determine the area affected by the infestation, the entry holes, the magnitude of the problem, and the root cause of the issue. They can also create a plan on how to decontaminate your place and to repair the damages based on the information they gathered..

For the trapping and relocation of the animal, the cost will be around $80-$100. Adding prevention, decontamination, and repairs can increase your expenses exponentially. The clean-up services will cost at least $500. For the repairs, expect to pay about $300 for minimal repairs.

Different Services and Methods

For those who are suffering from a large-scale infestation, this may need several visits wherein each visit will cost $80. The cost can also be affected if there are dead animals that needs to be disposed. This can add another $350 to the removal cost for every dead animal. If there are baby raccoons in your house, the cost will be $500 for each raccoon family. 

After the Long Beach removal company successfully eliminate the nuisance creature, they will offer additional services such as repair, remediation, and repair services. Installation of an exclusion device will be at about $300-$400. For those who need to introduce exclusion barrier, you will have to spend $10-$20/linear foot.   Decontamination of the attic which include removal of the droppings and the contaminated materials will cost $500. Repairing the damages of the raccoons may start at $1,000 and increase up to $10,000 depending on the severity.

If you do not want to spend money in getting rid of the California raccoon, you should have preventive measures in place. Inspect your house regularly for possible entry holes and clear the elements that can draw the interest of the raccoon. 

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